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Some of the Services I can offer other Ham Radio Operators

Web and Design and More

Web Sites QSL Design QSL Printing Web Hosting
Design Design QSL Cards Full Color Maintance & Hosting Programs
Maintain Your Photos Heavy Card Stock Unlimited Space & Files
Hosting Printing 2 Sided 24 Hour Support
QRZ Designs Free Shipping in the USA Many Options Available DXpedition Sites

About Our Services

  • Design Services Web Sites, QSL Card, QRZ Designs

    I Offer many types of design services related to ham radio. We can re design your web site, create you a web site, or build a new site. I can update and personalize your QRZ page. We also can offer DXpeditions web site services, before, during and after your DXpedition. PLease contact me for a consultation regarding our many services.

  • Towers / Antennas - Tower Removal, Antenna Placement

    Do you have a tower you want down? In many cases this can be a free service, depending on the tower, and what is on it. Contact me for your tower removal questions.
    Need a wire put up. We can do it. Call us and we will get you on the air!

  • Other Suff

    I do many things related to ham Radio. From putting towers, antennas up, taking them down, or fabricating various parts. I am happy to offer advice, and assistance in just about any Ham Radio Project you have in mind. If I cannot do it, I have a wide variety of very skilled operators who can help you. Please feel free to contact me with your quesions!!