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Click Here For A Slide Show of the First Tower Construction Project

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A behind the scenes tour of Voice of America

The Station in 2018. A few changes have been made since this photo. I replaced one Icom 7800 with an Icom 7300. I also replaced the Alpha Amp with an Expert 2k FA which allowed me to eliminate the PalStar Tuner. I have Also replaced the Kenwood TS 00 with an Icom 2730 2 Meter / 440 Dual Band.

This is an aerial view of the 1 acre property and the location of the antennas.

Topo View

This is Tower # 1. 60 Feet of Rahn 25, with a Force 12 - 30/40 beam on top with a Tenedyne T8 Log periodic below.

6 Meter Stack (Homebrew)


PEI Lodge - Site of our Prince Edward Island Trip for the 2015 IARU Contest. 1st Place section Winners.

Bob ND7J (Left) and Phil AC4Q (Right) Operating the IARU Contest From The PEI Lodge.

Control panel 1 ND7J Station. Full lightning protection with Poly phaser. Home brew 2 radio 5 antenna switch, with MOV Lightning protection.

Control Panel 2 Phased Verticals with MOV Lightning protection.

Bob ND7J (Right) Waiting to photograph space shuttle launch 2007.


Adding the 30/40 Beam. Bob (In Bucket truck) Below Left Dave K4SV , Richard WD4CBA, Jim K9JDP.

ND7J Launcher