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I have been a self employed photographer for 40+ years. I cover NASCAR and High Level Equestrian Competitions throughout the southeastern USA.

I have been in Ham Radio for 8+ years now. I enjoy DXing, contesting and chasing DXpeditions. I am active in a few Ham Radio Clubs as well. President of the SCDXA. I have learned a great deal in this hobby, and made some very good friends. I got involved with the
W4DXCC Convention in 2018 and really enjoy it. Thank you for visiting my site.

"73" Robert (Bob) Cieszenski ND7J


Icom 7800 Main Rig used for SSB, but can be used on any mode.

Icom 7300 Used for FT8 / FT4 / CW and RTTY

Expert 2K FA Amp.
160 through 10 Meter Band pass filters for both Radios.
Home Brew Antenna switching allows for all antennas to be used on either radio.
SO2R Capabilities.

Green Heron Rotator Controller.
Yeasu 2700 Rotator (Main Tower)

Control Panel s (3) fully protected from lightning with Alpha Delta Poly Phasers and MOV's.

Astron Power Supply with Anderson Power Pole connections.

Transmit / Receive Antennas:
Tower #1
60 Feet of Rahn 25
Tenadyne T8 Log Periodic 10-20 (At 60 Feet)

Force 12 - 30 Meter 40 Meter Beam (At 74 Feet)

Tower # 2
32 Foot Rahn 25 Tower with two Stacked 3 Element Beams on 6 meters (33 Feet and 45 Feet)

80 Meter Full Wave Loop

80 Meter Vertical 4 Elevated Radials

160 Meter Inverted "L" With Folded Counter Poise

40 Meter Vertical with 4 Elevated Radials



K9AY 160 - 40

3 Phased Verticals 160 - 40